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Is this
Governor’s team
horse slaughter
in Nevada?

mustang_meat_pattiesIssue: The Nevada Board of Agriculture minutes reveal a discussion on how to open up a horse slaughter plant for the Virginia Range horses.

Priority: HIGH

Status: Working Incident

Date: January 3, 2013

For some months horse advocates have predicted two things. That the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s claims that they aren’t trying to sell horses for slaughter is the pure nonsense that it is, and that the end game is to test public opinion to see if the public would stomach having our free-roaming horses go to the slaughterhouses.

In reality advocates apparently underestimated the actual situation. After struggling to get documents from the Department of Agriculture, Carrol Abel has been going through the minutes of meetings of the Board of Agriculture and is discovering that some startling conversations have taken…

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Wild Horse Advocates Go to Air Waves and Rally to Protect Nevada’s Virginia Range Herd

These Northern NV residents do SO MUCH to HELP our region’s WILD HORSES-as well as ‘estray’ horses..SHAME on the STATE OF NEVADA for allowing a NATIONAL TREASURE such as these BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS!! The city we enjoy today was built on the backs of these Horses-and the GOVERNMENT WANTS TO KILL THEM???!!! makes me ashamed to be a member of the human race..just sickening!!

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Update by R.T. Fitch ~ volunteer prez of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

On the Radio Today, Before the Nevada State Legislature Tomorrow

usa_to_europe1Today, Thursday, the Nevada Matters radio program is giving an entire hour to the story on the Virginia Range Wild Horse issue.   The hour will be called, “Mustangs Matter.”  On air guests will be Carrol Abel, Willis Lamm and  John Holland from the Equine Welfare Alliance, a wizard when it comes to horse welfare and the slaughter issue, will be joining us via phone.

“Mustangs Matter” will air on Thursday, January 3rd, from noon (Pacific standard time) until 1:00 PM.  It can be heard in the Reno – Fallon area at 101.3 FM.  If you’re out of the reception area you can listen to a webcast on your computer or smart phone by going to http://renegaderadio.org and clicking on the “Listen Live” button.

By the way, Eddie Floyd, the…

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No American Horse Steak for You, Europeans

Straight from the Horse's Heart

by Cecilia Rodriguez, Contributor as printed in Forbes

“Becoming dinner for foreign diners seems to be the normal final destination for retired or damaged racehorses

horse-meatOne of the surprises we got when we moved to Luxembourg was in the butcher section of the supermarkets, where a selection of horse meat appears among the beef, veal and pork. We had to be careful not to take it by mistake since it looks almost the same as beef, if slightly darker.

We’re not horse meat eaters, although my husband has been tempted to accept a friend’s invitation to a restaurant that prepares “the best horse steaks in the country.” Throughout Europe – France, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, and Netherlands, among others – and in a few Asian cultures, horse meat is a delicacy.

We never saw horse meat for sale in the U.S., and only recently I learned that country’s ban against the slaughter…

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

By James McWilliams as published in the Slate

Horse meat is, in essence, an industrial byproduct

At Brooklyn’s Great GoogaMooga food festival last May, Hugue Dufour, the noted chef who’d co-founded the acclaimed M. Wells Diner, sold 5,000 grilled-cheese sandwiches that created quite a buzz among New York foodies. That’s because Dufour’s creation was stuffed with foie gras, pork fat, and—the rogue ingredient that titillated adventurous eaters—horse meat (mixed with pork to make bologna).

Last month, Dufour sought to capitalize on his food-festival fame by announcing that the reincarnation of his restaurant—M. Wells Dinette, now open in Queens at MoMA PS1would serve horse tartare: raw horse meat. This time the reaction wasn’t so enthusiastic. Public opposition was widespread: People flooded the restaurant with calls, bombarded Dufour with emails, and amassed an outraged scroll of signatures on a Change.org petition demanding that Dufour drop the equine…

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Matt Driscoll as published in the Daily Weekly

“Vickery Eckhoff took the opportunity to set the record straight”

horse-meatLast week Benjamin Taylor took to The Daily Weekly to note the recent unanimous vote by the Snohomish County Council banning horse slaughtering for human consumption. Many, it seems, had no idea such a vote transpired, and had no idea of the issues surrounding the vote. However, Daily Weekly commenter Vickery Eckhoff is not one of those people.

As Taylor’s Daily Weekly post notes:

On Wednesday Snohomish County officially banned the slaughtering of horses and any animal of the genus equus for human consumption with a 4-0 vote on Ordinance No. 12-106 in the county council. Further, such slaughtering was defined as a misdemeanor, punishable with a maximum $1,000.00 fine and 90 days of jail time.Since 2007 sanctioned horse slaughtering has not occurred in the United States. After a Congressional decision…

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