No American Horse Steak for You, Europeans

Straight from the Horse's Heart

by Cecilia Rodriguez, Contributor as printed in Forbes

“Becoming dinner for foreign diners seems to be the normal final destination for retired or damaged racehorses

horse-meatOne of the surprises we got when we moved to Luxembourg was in the butcher section of the supermarkets, where a selection of horse meat appears among the beef, veal and pork. We had to be careful not to take it by mistake since it looks almost the same as beef, if slightly darker.

We’re not horse meat eaters, although my husband has been tempted to accept a friend’s invitation to a restaurant that prepares “the best horse steaks in the country.” Throughout Europe – France, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, and Netherlands, among others – and in a few Asian cultures, horse meat is a delicacy.

We never saw horse meat for sale in the U.S., and only recently I learned that country’s ban against the slaughter…

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