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Tuesday's Horse

Oklahoma Senator Mark Allen (R-4) filed a bill on January 15, 2013, repealing the State’s ban on the human consumption of horse meat.

SB 375 reads:

An Act relating to horsemeat; repealing 63 O.S. 2011, Sections 1-1135, 1-1136, 1-1137, 1-1138 and 1-1139,
which relate to making human consumption of horsemeat unlawful, making transferring possession of horsemeat intended for human consumption unlawful, clarifying definitions, designating certain facts to be prima facie evidence that horsemeat is intended to be sold for human consumption, and expanding the powers of the State Commissioner of Health; and providing an effective date.

The bill is scheduled for its first reading on February 4, 2013.

Link to Bill SB 375: (pdf)


We invite Oklahoma residents opposed to the repeal of their State law banning the human consumption of horse meat to contact your Senators and voice your concern.

If you know your District number…

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