Bio: Well, I am definitely NOT for everyone...Not many people GET ME, but if they are wise enough to LISTEN to what I SAY, then they're in for a kick in the drawers!!!! Yes, the mold has been broken! I'm not a 'TRENDY' person, most of those are shallow. If it's an 'IN'thing. then I want to be OUT!!! I LOVE ANIMALS, unfortunately, for me I suppose, more than most people. And NO, I DONT have many, ok ANY friends. Not true friends anyway. I LOVE MY DACHSHUNDS!! My family is pretty nice too, especially my MOM!! My expectations are high, my IQ is high, and my taste exceeds my income. I will NOT get married again, bu that doesn't mean all men are off limits!! I would like to have someone to go to the UK with in March or April...I'll NEVER take care of a man, nor do I want to have a man take care of me. My days of money and houses are gone. Now, I want to expand my mind and find out who I am and what I can contribute before I die. Everyone has to has SOMETHING to be proud of before they die don't they? I like to write poems, yarns, I have ideas for inventions!! Several of which I have watched come to fruition and THAT is maddening! I want to talk to someone that can KEEP UP WITH ME!!!!!

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